The Allana Smiles Foundation

Cancer Education & Resources for Patients, Dentists, and Donors

The mission of the Allana Smiles Foundation is to provide essential dental care and assistance to newly diagnosed cancer patients - patients whose treatment cannot proceed until they have been determined by a dentist to be orally healthy and stable, and therefore able to move forward with their prescribed course of treatment.

But just imagine realizing as you’re first discussing your diagnosis with your doctor that you have to wait to begin Chemotherapy or Radiation treatment, horrified and anxious because you know you can’t afford dental treatment, much less the cost of a dental assessment, or are simply petrified by dental phobia which is so very prevalent even with today’s modern dentistry and caring providers.

This problem is real - and together we really can “make a difference with dentistry” and touch the lives of millions and millions of everyday Americans.

The Allana Smiles Foundation is a 501 (c) public charity.